DECLAN fishwick


Declan (or Dec to most people) started playing at the age of 4 with a first score of 131 for 18 holes. 17 years later, he turned Pro. In the mean time he has played for Lancashire County  from the ages of 13-18, won a bunch a championships, 2x Junior Club Championships, 1x Junior Wigan & District Trophy, 1x Men’s Order of Merit, 2x Men’s Wigan & District Trophies and player for 3 years in the Leeds Beckett Golf Team winning a league championship in his time before graduating. Dec started as my assistant in 2018 at Huyton and Prescot and has been amazing asset to the club and to myself.


I strive to give my clients an in depth learning experience which explores each part of their game and focuses on areas of improvement from the set up to the swing and the ball flight. Working together with the use of SkyTrak launch monitor technology, training aids and slow motion video swing recording, to create a plan of how to best improve your game in practice and on the course. Further striving to make you a more complete golfer no matter where you play, how often you play or your level of ability.

Everyone is welcome to my lessons, from your beginner, your weekend golfer, your experienced golfer, trophy hunter and elite player. SkyTrak launch monitor technology and slow motion video swing recording is available in lessons.
I offer Beginner lessons, Junior lessons, course management lessons, gapping sessions, lady lessons, gents, seniors, group lessons and elite player lessons. Putting, short game lessons, practice and pre shot routine sessions.
I also offer club fitting, grip fitting and club repair.